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Why is Search Engine Optimization so important?

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is the work involved in getting your website to appear naturally in front of interested customers who are actively searching for your products and services. Consequently, SEO provides the highest long-term return on investment of all online marketing methods.  It is simply helping major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing understand that your website has what people want, and is the most relevant and trusted source for your products and services.

SEO builds credibility and should be part of your long-term marketing strategy, but takes time to achieve natural search results. Over time, your SEO campaign will drive visitors to your new custom website and increase the quality and quantity of leads for your business.


Bluejay's SEO Approach

SEO Review:

- Current Ranking & Traffic
- Competition Analysis

Meticulous Keyword Research:

- Keyword Analysis Report

Website Integrated SEO Tools:

Tailored Link Building Blueprint:

SEO Reports:

- Data Integrated with Google Analytics
- Alexa & Google Pagerank results
- Reporting of all SEO work completed
- Keyword ranking report
- Keyword competitor research


We do all of our Link Building in Batches

We pack an enormous amount of strategy and expertice into each "Batch" of SEO Link Building.  We set up our system in batches to allow our clients to customize their own SEO Link Building Package that best suits the needs of their website and strategy.  The chart below shows the recommended number of batches per month, depending on the level of competition and geography.  1 Batch is recommended for each general category of keywords, that link to a specific SEO Content page on your website.  You may want to do one batch per month, and rotate the focus each month, or you may want to purchase multiple batches each month, that each have a different strategy, and strengthen your website simultaneously in multiple areas.  We understand that some of this may be confusing, so please let us know any questions you have, or anything you don't fully understand


Each Landing Page or Information Page you are optimizing should have it's own batch of SEO Link Building.  The landing pages targeting more valuable and competitive keywords, will have their assigned batches buidling links to that page month after month.  The information pages, will each rank much faster, and the batches can be rotated every month or so to new information pages.

Each Batch includes 10 hours of SEO Link Building.  For multiple page campaigns, you may purchase multiple batches.  For example: If you purchase a campaign of 5 batches per month, this will include 50 hours of link building per month, for 5 pages on your website.






In order for SEO Link Building to truly benefit your website, you need to have tons of SEO content pages throughout your website. Each page will be a landing page with unique content and a unique purpose.  Following this type of approach, you can expect to need 75 to 90% less link building than otherwise.

After completing this SEO Content Coaching Session, you can expect the following: 1. A thorough understanding of SEO and how to get top results for your website. 2. A 12 month roadmap with specific tasks to implement each month on your website. 3. A 12 month roadmap on where to implement your link building each month.





* Monthly SEO packages are automatically billed on a 30 day billing cycle.  No contract required.  No Setup Fee.


SEO Review

It is important to know where your website is now, and where you want it to be in the future.  We also need to look at the websites of your competitors so that we know how much work we need to do so your website will compete.

Meticulous Keyword Research

Because every keyword phrase has a different volume of searches per day, and a unique level of competition, it is critical to the process of SEO to be meticulous with keyword research.  Doing so allows us to determine which keywords will be the most beneficial to focus on for your website, and ultimately bring you the most results.  Our keyword research reports are very detailed, and organized in a way that is extremely helpful. (Sample 1, 2)

Website Integrated SEO Tools

Having an SEO analysis tool build right into your website allows us to easily analyze  each page of your website separately.  We can control the internal linking throughout your website easier, and automatically keep your sitemap current.  If you have done SEO for a previous website, we create redirects for old links, so you don't lose any momentum.

Tailored Link Building Blueprint

Based on our research and the goals you have for your website, we establish a tailored system of link building for your website, instead of a pre-packaged product.  We keep a record of each step we take, and provide them to you in the SEO reports.

SEO Reports

Your regular SEO Reports will provide you critical information, such as where you rank on the major search engines, and visually see the improvements that have been made each month.  You will know where your main competitors rank and see their SEO results as they change over time. Surprisingly, your report also details everything we have done in your SEO campaign so you can see the many specific things being done to improve your websites rankings.