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Advanced Website Technology


Elimination of Business Overhead


Complete Business Efficiency


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Website Technology

Believe it or not, most website design companies do not utilize all the new technologies available to them, and it ends up costing you.  Technology has created a shift in the way websites are built today, compared to just five years ago.  Not only is Bluejay Website Design built upon new technology, but as new technologies evolve, our business evolves with it.  New technology is the reason this opportunity is available, and businesses all over are thanking us.  We are in the right place at the right time.

Business Overhead

We do website design different.  Although we have been growing quite well and are now staffed with many wonderful people, Bluejay Website Design has been able to avoid taking on any significant amount of overhead that most companies have.  Each one of our Graphics Designers, Programmers, SEO specialists, and agents all work from their own home office.  This is a great example of one of the ways we are able to keep our costs down, and in return, keep our custom website design price down.

Business Efficiency

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every single time we do a custom website design project, we do things much more efficiently.  Each website is fully custom, but often times a feature of functionality that our client wants in their website has already been created before.  By being resourceful, we are able to provide amazing websites, for pennies on the dollar.  Although all of this seems obvious to us, the majority of the web design companies stick to the old way of doing things, and have to charge thousands for the same website.

The Result --> A much better Website, for a much lower price!