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You'll need a hosting account with your new custom designed website.  You may already have your own hosting provider, however, because we have had so many of our clients upset with the inferior hosting providers out there, resulting in slow websites, and unexplainable down time, we partnered with a company that is a rock in the hosting industry, and now bring you WebDesk Hosting.  Compared to hosting accounts similar to GoDaddy, you can expect your website to run 2 or 3 times faster, and have hosting that is much more dependable.


WebDesk Hosting Includes:

Full FTP Access:

- No file restrictions
- Back-up your website often


- Easy hosting Control Panel with all
the bells and whistles

Unlimited Websites:

- Your can host several websites in
one hosting account

Scalable Website Space & Bandwidth:
24x7 Support:
SSH Access:


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If you have a great website, you wouldn't want to ruin it with a bad hosting account.  There are a lot of games that hosting companies play.  They package different plans as small, medium, and large, and make you believe that you will have inferior hosting if you don't go with the large & expensive plan.  The other game they play is selling you on features that you don't need.

These are the things you should consider when purchasing Hosting.

  1. Access: First off, you want full control and full access to your website.  Without it, backing up your website becomes impossible.
  2. FTP Access: This allows you to transfer files between your hosting account and your computer.
  3. cPanel: Having cPanel login access allows you to have full control of your hosting account, as well as give you access to tons of great tools for your website.
  4. Support: You want real support with real people.  Our Hosting has 24/7 support staff available, as well as live chat help.
  5. Flexibility of the servers: It can be very troublesome to find that your hosting account is not compatible with a certain type of software.
  6. Reliability: Companies always talk about 99.9% uptime, but many don't deliver.  The chief culprit is GoDaddy. Even the expensive hosting accounts like Network Solutions have unacceptable downtime.  We have found a solution for our clients that is extremely large, strong, and reliable.
  7. SSH access: You may not know what this is, but your programmer will thank you for having SSH access.
  8. Price: I don't know about you, but $8/mo. or $80/year for high end hosting is awesome!
  9. Multiple Websites: If you plan on having more than one website, you don't have to get two hosting accounts.  You can assign multiple domains to one hosting account.  Each website is stored in a separate folder.  You could have 100 websites in one hosting account if you wanted.
  10. Linux Hosting: Unless you want all the problems that come with Windows hosting, you will never even consider having anything but Linux Hosting. (Windows is fine on your computer, but not on a server.)
  11. Speed: You may not realize how nice it is to have instantaneous access to your hosting account. We did a test to compare the website load time, and our hosting was between 2 to 3 times faster than the same website hosted with GoDaddy.  Don't get me wrong, I buy domains from GoDaddy almost exclusively (because they are cheap), however, I won't shy away from picking fun at their hosting.  This is your business we are talking about, and you don't want cheap hosting.


When it comes down to it, you just want a good solid hosting account that you can rely on for your website and business.  That's why we created Bluejay Hosting.